I’m The Viral Beret Girl On The “Whatever” Podcast—Here’s My Take On The Show (2024)

My clips were passed around for weeks after I was on, and I even had a positive comment section on the podcast's very own YouTube channel, despite being a woman. I went on the podcast to peddle my own platform of being critical of the sex revolution, in favor of materialist feminism, and being an anti-sex work, former sex worker.

Here's some necessary background: The Whatever podcast is one of many in a slew of “red pill” or red pill adjacent podcasts. If you're unfamiliar with the term, the “red pill and blue pill represent a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in the contented experience of ordinary reality with the blue pill. The terms originate from the 1999 film The Matrix.”

You may be more familiar with the red pill community's former label, “the manosphere.” Podcast after podcast had popped up over the last few years of men gathering together and talking about how to date in this technological age, dating woes, and ultimately, who’s to blame, which always came down to women.

Basically, to these podcasts, the red pill translates to realizing it’s all women's fault. The truth is that women are the problem.

Where the Red Pill Community Came From

Now, I’m not going to use this article to get into the contentious battle to find out where misogyny itself started, but from my research, the red pill or manosphere community, at the very least, seems to have started in conservative black male circles. The first name that comes to mind for a lot of people, myself included, is a man named Kevin Samuels.

Kevin Samuels talked about dating strategy and various men’s topics. Eventually, he also amassed a female following of women wanting to learn how to find good men. He then capitalized on black women's desperation to try and fix the marriage and nuclear family problems in their communities. They would come on, almost in tears, asking for help, and he would tell them they were desperate, or ugly, or fat, or too old, etc. His still mostly male audience loved watching these women be “humbled.” He used their pain for clicks and humiliation p*rn in front of a mostly male audience. And as many of us know, women's pain and humiliation are very lucrative.

From Jerry Springer trailer park drama and Maury telling crying women her baby daddy is not the father, to shirts made of Kim Kardashian’s crying face and stealing Pamela Anderson’s sex tape and distributing it over a mass stage without her consent, it would be impossible to argue against this point. Sex sells, and humiliation sells. And when the person you’re humiliating is doused in a good helping of sex, get ready to be a millionaire.

Here lies this overwhelming push for female accountability. This push to blame, to point fingers, and a perfect medium to get men and women into the same rooms by putting microphones in front of them. There's been a steady slew of these podcasts, the most famous being the Fresh and Fit podcast, but very close behind is the Whatever podcast.

So naturally, I decided to message the Instagram account to get the chance to talk on one of those microphones.

The Whatever Podcast and Dating Culture

The Whatever podcast rose to popularity primarily in 2023 and has a script for every show centering around body count, why feminism is bad, humiliating women in small outfits, and talking about dating culture. This is every show, with very little stray.

Now, I’m not going to make the case against the Whatever podcast. I’m a freedom loving American. I know the host Brian Atlas wants to make money, and I enjoyed having a platform to get my message across, and I’m grateful.

But what I am going to talk about is the audience and culture that watches this show.

Sexual Selection Theory

Let me introduce you to sexual selection theory: Sexual selection is a mode of natural selection in which members of one biological sex choose mates of the other sex to mate with (intersexual selection) and compete with members of the same sex for access to members of the opposite sex (intrasexual selection).

This can be seen all over the animal kingdom. You’re probably most familiar with peaco*ck mating, as it’s very obvious. A male peaco*ck shows off his feathers to impress the female into hopefully choosing him to carry and birth his offspring. Rams headbutt each other to death for the chance of the same.

If there’s consensus about desirable qualities, then men who exhibit these qualities have a significant advantage. Things like strength, height or masculine bone structure, access to resources like money – these men will get preferentially chosen. The men who are lacking these qualities then become the involuntarily celibate, the unchosen, the cast out.

It’s interesting because humans do have mutual selection, especially when it comes to long-term mate choice. But with parental investment theory, a term coined by Robert Trivers in 1972, the prediction is that the sex that invests more in its offspring will be more selective when choosing a mate, and the less invested sex will have intrasexual competition for access to mates.

If you think about just how long the human gestation period is, about 40 weeks, you’d see that women have a lot to lose in the process. The cost of making a bad mating decision is much more severe for women, just by the natural process of our gestation period. If you have a one night stand after getting too tipsy and wake up next to a man after having hooked up, you could potentially be left for 40 weeks and 18 years with a child with poor genetic material and a baby daddy who will not invest in you and your child.

So, by this logic, psychology, and biology, professionals have come to the conclusion that women are choosier. This is female sexual selection.


So what does this have to do with the manosphere and the Whatever podcast? Well, you take a group of men who are unchosen by females to be long-term mates, and you give them a video of a very underdressed and uneducated woman, and their resentment is going to build into something nefarious and potentially violent.

With the internet, the unchosen man can find camaraderie. With the internet, the unchosen man finds his tribe among the unchosen males of his and other social circles. We got to flagrantly see this in the infamous incel Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old mass shooter in Isla Vista, CA, in 2014. Rodger, who admitted he was short and less endowed in the genital department, turned to misogynistic forums and websites for these self-described “incels.” Sex becomes an obsession for these men, and women become alien.

"Finding out about sex is one of the things that truly destroyed my entire life. Sex, the very word, fills me with hate," Rodger wrote in his journal. "I would always covet it, I would always fantasize about it. But I would never get it."

Rodger had reportedly, by his own parents, seen many therapists, and he was never formally diagnosed with a mental illness.

Now, of course, this is an extreme reaction to a natural process but also a logical one. To a very real and very potentially dangerous group, just by virtue of it being a male group, and males by statistically significant numbers creating more violent crime, these forums go from being neutral ground to potentially not neutral.

The Cast of the Whatever Podcast

There is a very beautiful symbiosis happening on these podcasts between every member involved. I could almost write a spoof play based on the nature of these podcasts.

The Cast of Characters:

  1. The whor*

  2. The eunuch

  3. The capitalist

The whor*

Enter the stage: a woman whose society has failed her. With each woman who comes on hoping to peddle their OnlyFans, there is always a sadder story told between the lines.

Like a checklist:

  • She didn’t have present parents.

  • She got into sex work too young to understand the implications of it.

  • She might have a disability or mental illness keeping her from working a normal job.

  • Probably the most egregious fact is that she lives in a society so focused on male interests and supremacy that she's been sold the anti-woman propaganda that she can and should have sex just like a man to be equal to one.

(Now, I could write a whole paper itself on how I believe modern liberal feminism is in pursuit of male interests and making women public property against their own interests, but I’ll try not to muddy my current critique.)

The whor* has devalued her body in pursuit of sexual gratification and validation, against her natural and biological inclinations to seek monogamy, love, and children. And I don’t mean devalued your body in the sense of purity; I mean devalued in the sense that you care so little about your body that you’re sharing it with people who do not deserve it. The second the host Brian Atlas asks these women questions about what they seek in life, 90% of them say they want monogamous partners and families.

In a world where women, statistically the sex more affected by social contagion, are pushed into narcissism by an ever growing capitalistic industry seeking to make money off them through Instagram and self-help, and making yourself more beautiful and making yourself thinner and making yourself younger and making yourself…(and on and on and on), your priorities, especially while you’re young, are going to be a hodge podge of stuff that will not prepare you for the second half of your life when you’re not shiny and new and perky.

Enter: a podcast with thousands of eyes. When any attention is good attention, and when attention feels like love, you’re going to message Brian Atlas from the Whatever podcast, and you’re going to get on that podcast for that attention. And you can perhaps even make thousands of dollars from it.

Incels are created through women’s power, yet these women go on these podcasts to degrade themselves and get sexual attention from this very unchosen group.

There is a unique humiliation ritual on these podcasts, which I’ve never fully understood. While you watch, you’re acutely aware of the fact that most of the women are enjoying being called dumb. They’re content to be called beautiful and bimbos only when their defect is stupidity. What’s really interesting is how defensive the women get when the hosts tell them they are, in fact, not that beautiful and also dumb. We get to see their reactions to being rendered fully defective.

To myself, what’s very interesting is that sexual selection theory and females being sexual selectors gives us innate power. It gives us almost superhero level power to choose who gets to reproduce. Incels are created through women’s power, yet these women go on these podcasts to degrade themselves and get sexual attention from this very unchosen group. It’s negative attention for the most part, but even the odd conservative woman who goes on just to bask in moral superiority and dunk on these “lesser women” to get back pats from these unchosen men…it's a psychologist's wet dream.

The Eunuch

This is when the eunuch enters the stage. A eunuch is a man who has been castrated. Historically, this was done to men who guarded women’s living areas as a protective measure or as a punishment. As a result, eunuchs lack virility and power, both physically and symbolically.

Imagine you’re a man who is short, or ugly, or underemployed. In a world where the fate of your children is determined by your sexual partner, there is anxiety. You don’t want to be lonely, you have a testosterone-induced sex drive, and obviously the human urge to procreate. Imagine seeing women who have very little to offer the world by male standards. Imagine seeing someone who can get access to any resources at the drop of a hat just by virtue of their body, while you can’t count on marrying hypergamously. Imagine seeing these women talking about being able to have sex with almost any man they choose. All the while, you’re struggling to get access to those very resources, and nobody is having sex with you, and you’re increasingly becoming anxious and angry. Imagine they’re saying the dumbest things you’ve ever heard anyone say. Imagine they’re saying they want monogamous husbands and families, yet they make p*rn. They want the best of traditional life and modern life. They want their cake, and they want to eat it too. And they’re getting all of it while you’re at home alone and angry – your resentment would build into an iron suit.

Now, maybe the average man who found himself involuntarily celibate would take this time to enjoy his peace and freedom. And perhaps, if he were so inclined, the logical thing to do if you wanted to have sex or acquire a girlfriend would be to elevate your life if you think it's worth changing. If women aren't choosing you because of something fixable, you'd take the exclusion as a motivator. Unfortunately, anger is so powerful an emotion it impedes logical thought in many of these men. Instead of trying to upgrade their lives, the comment section of these videos becomes a siren call and a quick hit of dopamine.

There is a new group of men who are so shattered by even the idea of rejection that they cannot approach women in real life. Some of their only interactions where they get to speak to women of this caliber, or women in general, are shocking and hurting them with their comments or donations.

A huge part of Brian’s podcast is donations. The whole time you’re on the podcast, you’re able to see the YouTube comments on the big screen. A big part of being on the Whatever podcast is managing your facial expressions while you read the most heinous comments about yourself imaginable. You’re actionably becoming a meat market for the public to comment on.

Along with the very fast moving comment section, throughout the whole show, Brian is getting donations from the audience that are either read by an automated voice or himself. The donations come with statements about the girls or questions. A lot of the time, these aren’t real “questions,” but thinly veiled insults, like this one:

Some of these donations are even hundreds of dollars just to tell a woman she’s some version of a lascivious whor* or not as beautiful as she thinks she is. Which is where we pan to our last introduced character, yet the first character on the stage: the capitalist.

The Capitalist

Host Brian Atlas is making thousands of dollars every week from this podcast. He works hard, as I saw while I was there. But there is something sad in Brian’s eyes while you watch the podcast. He is bored, and he knows he was destined for more. He has tried various business ventures before.

Brian is his own type of prostitute, giving up morality for money, effectively moral equals with the women who come on the show peddling their OnlyFans.

In a very funny twist of fate, when I mentioned I was going on the Whatever podcast, my own partner told me he tried to buy the whatever domain in 2017, looking for potentially lucrative phrases for companies. Brian was not selling, leading us to figure he probably had a plan for a while before the podcast even came to be. Brian is an entrepreneur and has that attractive, restless male nature. But he is not fulfilled. He is stressed on the podcast; in each episode, you can tell he is not having fun anymore. But he’s making so much money off these men, it’s worth it. Brian also uses the show to elevate his status to potentially find his own partner. He talks explicitly to the audience sometimes as if there are women watching who could be potentially interested. But still, you can see even Brian knows his show is degenerate, and yet he goes on anyway. Ironically, Brian is his own type of prostitute, giving up morality for money, effectively moral equals with the women who come on the show peddling their OnlyFans.

Why I bring up Brian’s personal life is because this juxtaposition with his audience shows a phenomenon worth noting.

  1. Brian is his audience, the audience is Brian. Unchosen into their 30s. Not obviously conventionally attractive. Brian has a bit of a lisp and frequently misspeaks or rolls over his words in a way that can be seen as awkward.

  2. Brian has made something of himself. He has realized that to be a man who’s chosen, or of value, you need to create resources. He is elevating his social status and finances to attain a mate, and good for him.

A lot of these red pill podcasts have male hosts that the audience can self-insert into. Idols to look up to.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, if I even can conclude this, is that I have hopes. One hope is that women realize their full potential. So many women are unhappy in today's dating culture. Days, weeks, months spent crying over men who don’t deserve to enter the gene pool. Part of why this show was so sad to go on is because I spent 80% of it fighting for the very women attempting to bully me on the podcast. We live in a world where women are on multiple antidepressants, they’re remaining unmarried and childless into their 30s, and report high levels of feeling directionlessness and depressed. I happen to think that’s correlated with women being encouraged to live in a way that is against their nature and biology. But, we accept the life we think we deserve.

And obviously I’m a big enjoyer of being part of the sexually selective sex. I’ve been able to pair up with a man who is in a higher social caste than I was born into. I am living more comfortably than I ever have, living a very privileged life at 25 while I still have enough time to give my very carefully selected partner his legacy and my brood of children. I am living the American dream. But many men do not live this dream, and they won’t ever. I’ve always felt, even through anger and disgust, a deep empathy for the incel.

Females will not stop being the sexual selectors (not until we get artificial wombs and live in a Blade Runner world, or the incels finally round us all up and put us in breeding camps). By this fact, there will always be men that are left behind. Perhaps this is just a truth of the world now, that with the internet comes a portion of unchosen men who find potentially nefarious camaraderie. Are we so far in late-stage capitalism that podcasts that breed sex wars are to become a permanent fixture in society? Left vs right, white vs black, man vs woman – these have all become lucrative themes to sow destruction. I don’t know when the pursuit of liberty becomes at odds with the American love of capitalism. I don't know when we stop trying to socially steer and create legislation, if that's something we even ever want to do.

Ultimately, I don’t have the answers, but I wanted to tell you how I understood something I was involved in, and also maybe to have a platform to tell that one hate commenter that I am actually just as beautiful as I think I am, thank you very much.

Maybe I just wanted to put out into the world that I think we could all do better. We could fight against the human desire to watch explosions and car crashes. We could stop viewing dating as Us vs Them. We could tell women the consequences of selling their bodies and giving away their power, and let them know they’re worth more and tell them to prepare for the second half of their lives. We could tell men there is purpose outside of sex and encourage them to be the men they think make good fathers. We could encourage male intimacy with each other and strengthen their friendships, and ponder together on how to keep marriages from ending and up-ending children's lives. We could learn from old and happy couples how to make marriages last. These are things we could do.

Or, we could grab our popcorn and keep watching the world potentially implode. The case could perhaps be made that dumb women in short skirts and lonely men with keyboards won't ruin the world, but then I wouldn't feel as self-important writing this article.

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I’m The Viral Beret Girl On The “Whatever” Podcast—Here’s My Take On The Show (2024)


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