VSP Vision Care | Vision Insurance (2024)

VSP Vision Care | Vision Insurance (2024)


What is the vision care insurance? ›

Vision insurance typically helps people pay for one eye exam and one pair of eyeglasses or supply of contact lenses per year. These plans vary by eyewear allowance. Many vision insurance plans cover frames, lenses and contacts up to a specific dollar amount and provide an additional discount off the balance.

What is the VSP LightCare benefit? ›

With VSP LightCare™, you can use your frame and lens benefit to get non-prescription eyewear from your VSP® network doctor. Sunglasses or blue light filtering glasses may be just what you're looking for. eye strain.

What does VSP mean for vision? ›

By 2009, with international expansion, it was decided to change from VSP (Vision Service Plan) to VSP Global.

How much money is VSP? ›

VSP Standard Option
Self Only$3.55$7.69
Self + One$7.09$15.36
Self + Family$10.65$23.08

What is the difference between a vision plan and vision insurance? ›

There are a few differences between vision discount plans and insurance. The primary difference is that vision plans do not have a “deductible.” Medical insurance covers health problems, while vision plans provide benefits to standard check-ups and glasses.

What are the disadvantages of vision insurance? ›

Cons of vision insurance are that it may not necessarily cover the type of service you need or will not allow you to travel out of its network for treatment. In addition, if there is a specific brand of lenses you like using, or specialized lenses or frames, it may offer a limited line of brands.

Does VSP give you a card? ›

VSP does not generally give out ID Cards, but they are available online for you to print. You also have the ability to change your VSP account information.

How does VSP reimburse you? ›

You will receive reimbursem*nt through your company's payroll process for covered services after you submit a claim online. How do I submit a claim for reimbursem*nt? You must be a registered user to access the claim form. Login to submit your claim form or click here to register.

Can VSP be used at Walmart? ›

Get great eye care with low copays and flexible coverage. You can use the plan at any Vision Service Plan (VSP) network provider nationwide, including most Walmart Vision Centers and Sam's Club Optical. Before you get service, make sure ​your provider​ is ​in the​ VSP network.

How many pairs of glasses does VSP cover? ›

Glasses and Sunglasses

Discover all current eyewear offers and savings at vsp.com/offers. 20% savings on unlimited additional pairs of prescription or non-prescription glasses/sunglasses, including lens enhancements, from a VSP provider within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam.

Does VSP cover broken frames? ›

VSP® Vision Care will replace your broken or damaged frames free of charge when purchased from a Premier Program location. If your frames are broken or damaged within 12 months from the date of purchase return them to your Premier Program location. Your doctor will replace them free of charge, no questions asked.

Does VSP cover lazy eyes? ›

Log in to vsp.com to find an in-network provider based on your plan type. You get a fully covered evaluation and 75% off approved therapy sessions up to $750 annually. Sessions cover diagnosis and treatment of turned eye, eye teaming, lazy eye, eye focusing, and general eye movement ability.

Does VSP cover cataract surgery? ›

Again, VSP does not cover cataract surgery. Your medical insurance would generally be used. If you need help understanding how VSP can help you manage cataracts and cataract surgery, you can contact a VSP representative or ask your optometrist for further details.

Why do LensCrafters not take VSP? ›

Can you use VSP insurance at LensCrafters? While LensCrafters isn't affiliated specifically with Vision Service Plan (VSP), LensCrafters simplifies the reimbursem*nt process for people who use VSP. For VSP, LensCrafters only charges you the amount you'd have to pay out-of-pocket.

Does VSP cover progressive lenses? ›

Covered Standard LensesPlans include fully covered basic single-vision, bifocal and trifocal lenses. Or choose EasyOptions for fully covered progressive lenses. Free One-Year WarrantyAll featured frame brands come with a one-year, worry-free warranty when purchased at a VSP Premier Edge™ location.

What is the difference between health and vision insurance? ›

Regular medical health insurance protects you from unexpected costs for eye injury or disease. In contrast, vision insurance provides an added wellness benefit for healthy eye exams, which includes routine eye care, prescription eyewear and contact lenses, and other vision services at a reduced cost.

What is managed vision care? ›

Managed vision care is a specialized supplemental insurance provided through employers, commercial health plans, Medicare/Medicaid supplemental plans, the federal employees health benefits program, and tribes or is purchased individually to provide routine vision care coverage.

Does Horizon NJ health cover glasses? ›

Vision Services, no or low copays for routine eye exams, glasses and contact lenses. Maternity Services, no copays, including related newborn care and hearing screening.

What are the benefits of AIA optical in Malaysia? ›

Alex Cheong Pui Yin
Accidental damage to frames or lensesRepair due to accidental damage of insured glasses, or replace if beyond economical repair
Mechanical defects to frames and lensesRepair due to mechanical, electrical, or electronic breakdown of insured glasses, or replace if beyond economical repair
Feb 18, 2022


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